Culture and Relationships

Sales and marketing in Asia and especially China requires a good understanding of the local culture regarding business and personal relationships. You need to understand the political aspects of the clients company, and the local and national governments politics. In Asia these are very closely connected requiring you to be careful how you work within these complex relationships.


We will work with you to develop targeted marketing ads in key industry journals, and identifying relevant trade shows and seminars to participate in raising the profile of our clients’ product or service. We are experienced in developing and presenting organized technical sales and marketing presentations to small and large audiences.

Targeting Key Decision Makers

Introducing your products to your potential clients requires a good understanding of the key decision makers within the organization. You will need to deal with the technical management groups to have your product or service included in a report the technical group will send to management listing your company as a preferred supplier. The next step is to also make sure the top management is accepting of your company’s products and management.

Procurement Process

The procurement process is complicated and is typically based on a budget generated several months before with carefully defined constraints on how the budget can be spent. It is important to be involved during the setting of the budget to make sure there is enough money for your products to be purchased and you are on the preferred suppliers list.

Company Image

We can work with you to develop a clear technical marketing and sales process to identify and target potential clients for your products or service. The image your company conveys will be very important within this market and we can work with you to enhance or maintain an already good profile.

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