Product Introduction

The success of a product or service in the marketplace is not only dependent on the quality and appeal of the offering, but is also very dependent upon the execution of introducing the product or service and the management of the life cycle of the sales and marketing process. You need a well thought out plan for the product introduction, sales strategy including pricing, marketing strategy and planning for aftersales service and support. We are well versed in developing and implementing successful sales and marketing plans working with our partners.

Contract Negotiations

When dealing with even small contracts the negotiation process can be intimidating and confusing. We have extensive experience with complex contract negotiations, bidding tenders that require submission in English and Chinese with detailed requirements for submission of the bid.

Commercial and Logistics Contract Terminology

The agreement of the price is just one step in the commercial process, and the key step of making sure your contract is clear regarding the shipping and payment terms is extremely important to make sure you are able to collect payment without delays. Our experience with payment terms like Telegraphic Transfer(T/T), Letters of Credit and the paperwork required to collect from the buyers bank is extremely important.

You will need to make sure you have a good understanding of the logistics and terminology of international and domestic shipping. The buyer will be responsible for clearing customs; however delays caused by discrepancies due to incorrect shipping documents supplied by the seller can cause delays receiving payment and monetary penalties.

We can help guide you through the commercial process and reduce your exposure to payment delays and monetary penalties.

Commercial and Logistics Contract Consultants for China's Oil & Gas Industry
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