Our company started selling and renting land and marine systems in 2003. We have a successful record of sales and marketing of large scale systems and peripherals including energy sources and navigation systems world-wide with the understanding of the technical requirements needed for successful field operations.

Currently Representing

We are the Sales Representative for a large equipment supplier in China providing industry leading nodal technology for Land and Marine data acquisition. We can offer nodal technology in 1C, 3C or 4C component packages. These nodal products are the choice for passive seismic research and exploration.


Our client provides nodal systems that are recognized as the industry leader in the development of 4C Ocean Bottom Node technology and marine exploration using their proprietary OBN technology. The company `offers a wide range of marine products providing Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) for operations in transition zone to deep water ROV operations with long battery life and exceptional data recovery rates. Land nodes are available in 1C or 3C packages providing exceptional flexibility and data quality for use in all types of environments and seismic data acquisition. Our clients land nodes are the standard for passive seismic acquisition in research centers and universities all over the world.


We can provide sales, service and rental of land and marine OBN systems.  Our factory trained engineers are available for after sales service and support in addition to the support from the clients support centers in Houston, Singapore and Russia.

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