An Excellent Reputation in China

Geo-Tek Energy Resources has a proven record and excellent reputation of representing Western companies in China and the Far East. We only work with a small group of clients at any given time to make sure we are able to meet not only your expectations, but also ours. We are tied to the success of your company as we do not profit unless you do. We try to manage not only your expectations regarding your products success, but also the timeline for your success.

Why Companies Fail in China

Western companies usually fail in China due to their lack of understanding of the local market, choosing the wrong Chinese partner, short term expectations for success, and an unwillingness to adapt to this market to be successful. If we feel your product or service is not compatible with our expertise or just will not be successful due to other market conditions we will let you know right away.

Commercial and Logistics Contract Consultants for China's Oil & Gas Industry
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